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Metauni is a community of scholars in the Metaverse, with 3D virtual environment and voice chat provided by Roblox and whiteboards and other open source tools scripted in Luau. We use Discord for community organisation. All are welcome: see the instructions.

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Yet it is not these gifts, nor the most determined ambition combined with irresistible will-power, that enables one to surmount the “invisible yet formidable boundaries” that encircle our universe. Only innocence can surmount them, which mere knowledge doesn’t even take into account, in those moments when we find ourselves able to listen to things, totally and intensely absorbed in child’s play – Alexander Grothendieck

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The second metauni course Shadows of Computation (SOC) is now running and will cover introductory category theory and the relation to computer science. It’s free! You should go and register if you’re interested. We recently ran a course on algebraic geometry called MAG. You can access metauni in VR. For the 2022 RDC Game Jam the metauni dev team made Super Starway 66, please enjoy!


To join an event click the “Join now” button or, for Discord-based events, join the metauni Discord. Times are given in AEDT (UTC +11). Names in italics are the co-organisers of the seminar.

November 24, 2022

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For videos from the seminars, see the pages for the individual seminars (linked above) or the YouTube channel. If you are a speaker in one of the seminars, see the instructions for speakers. For information about past events and videos see the events page. The tools we use are open source and we’ll happily help you set up your own seminars and teach you how to record them, just jump into the Discord and say hi. For information on how we record our videos see this page.


What is metauni?

On the theory that is better to show than tell, here is a video from one of our recent seminars:

Here is a recent test of lecturing using a VR headset and controllers (audience is looking at ordinary screens):

For more see the YouTube channel.


Current contributors are Daniel Murfet starsonthars, Lucas Cantor HeadOfMusic, James Clift (JC), Billy Snikkers (BS), Ethan Curtiss, BenSBk, jaipack17, phoebe.

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