Metauni is a network of virtual worlds, with a 3D virtual environment provided by Roblox and location-specific voice chat using Discord. It works on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. It is free in the sense of freedom and freethought and the freedom to make your own node. Watch the video intro. Metauni can be used for hosting events, lectures, tutorials or working groups, using slides, whiteboards, multiple voice channels and mini-games. It aspires to be both beautiful and fun.

Quick start (Rising Sea node): install Roblox and Discord programs, join the Rising Sea Discord and Roblox world and in Discord send a message !register Wintermute in the #registration channel where Wintermute is your Roblox username. See Instructions below for more details.

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Talk events consist of a talk followed by questions and challenges. For announcements follow us on Twitter. Some upcoming events:

Past events

There is a brief video guide to attending talks.


How do I get in?

Roblox is a utility platform for large-scale 3D social environments (see Baszucki keynote and their SEC S-1 filing). Localised voice chat in metauni is based on Discord, a popular real-time communication platform. Here are instructions for visiting a metauni node:

  1. Create Roblox and Discord accounts and install both programs.
  2. Enter the Discord server for the node (see the Node Directory, e.g. the Rising Sea Discord).
  3. On your first visit to the Discord server register your Roblox username with !register <username> (possibly the etiquette is to do this in a #registration channel).
  4. Manually enter any Discord voice channel (e.g. General). Please use headphones to avoid feedback.
  5. Enter the Roblox world by visiting its webpage and clicking on “Play” (again see the Node Directory, e.g. the Rising Sea world).

This setup should work on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Moreover, you can run the Discord and Roblox applications on different devices (i.e. run audio via Discord through your phone but Roblox on your computer).

Some notes on in-game controls and features:

You should comply with the Roblox rules while on their platform, and that includes the developer rules if you are creating your own nodes. These rules are in place to protect the children who spend a lot of time in Roblox, and seem to me well-intentioned and reasonable. However this does mean that you should refrain from using the in-game chat or images to share URLs or post Discord information inside your node. This coordination should happen on Discord or through some other channel. Finally, do not under any circumstances climb the knot.


Does metauni violate Roblox rules?

Not as we currently understand them, but see our page on Roblox rules for more information.

Node directory

The inner nodes (i.e. nodes where we take full responsibility for what happens):

The outer nodes:

Outer nodes may use some of the tools we have provided, and we may link to them on the metauni hub, but we have no control over the content of the Roblox worlds or their Discord channels.

How do I host my own node?

Currently a metauni node consists of code inside a Roblox game talking to a Discord bot hosted on We have compiled detailed instructions for setting up your own node and run regular drop-in sessions where you can get help. Once you have your node up and running see this page for a list of metauni tools that you can install in your world.


Current contributors are Daniel Murfet starsonthars, Billy Price, James Clift and Lucas Cantor HeadOfMusic.

Music in the Rising Sea node: