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A locus is a place for mathematical activity, organised around talking boards and scheduled office hours where the host is available for discussion. It is recommended that you use a tablet and stylus (e.g. an Apple iPad and Pencil). To join a locus you’ll need Roblox and Discord, see the Instructions on the metauni main page.

Talking boards follow an indexing convention similar to paragraphs in a text: stands for locus XYZ, board group xyz and board number abc within that group. To view a talking board, the best idea is to either click on it or go into “first person” mode by either using the scrollwheel on your mouse, the I/O keys on your keyboard, or pinching to zoom in.

LC001 - Matrix factorisations

LC001.01 - General introduction

LC001.02 - Exterior algebras

LC001.03 - Clifford algebras

LC001.04 - Exterior algebra as a Hilbert space

LC001.05 - Pauli matrices and Entanglement

LC002 - Research Agora

A place for graduate students to share and discuss their mathematical preoccupations. To record a talking board you will need to record audio locally on your computer and send it to me, synchronised with a recording of you writing on one of the boards in LC002. To record on the board, follow the instructions below in HOWTO, using as “Replay Name” your real name or username followed by some number (e.g. dan.01). Send me the audio file (MP3 or MP4) and name of your recording by email and I’ll do the rest. At the moment there is no erase, use Undo instead.


Here is how the talking boards are created.

Note that as currently implemented, if there is a “next board” it will start playing as soon as the recorded strokes end, so make sure you write something on the board just before you stop recording and stop the audio (I usually remember this by writing the board number). Also note that each time you click “Start Record” the replay history is wiped, so “Stop Recording” is not a pause in the recording.