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Instructions for speakers

These instructions aim to be a detailed guide to giving a successful talk in metauni. First you should follow the normal instructions to install and setup Roblox and spatial voice. Then you should check the hardware page for information about tablets and microphones.

Joining the event

The organiser should provide you with the URL of the Roblox world for your talk. If you are speaking in a recurring seminar, you can find the URL on the webpage for that seminar (see the metauni homepage). Once you have the URL:

  1. We recommend joining the event five minutes early, since Roblox may need to upgrade and you may need to check that spatial voice is working correctly with your setup.
  2. Once you have joined, make your way to the in-world location of your talk (an organiser will have hopefully helped you figure this out beforehand).
  3. Locate the Orb for your talk and Attach as Speaker. You can find a brief description of the orb system in the instructions. To attach as speaker approach an orb, and stand close enough to the proximity prompts to appear; then hold F for a few seconds or click/tap on the popup. You should hear a sound and see the speaker GUI on the left-hand side of your screen.
  4. Please wait for the session organiser to confirm that the recording is working, and invite you to begin your talk.
  5. Use the navigation controls (W, A, S, D on a keyboard, tap and drag near the bottom left of an iPad) to keep your player near the board you are writing on. This is how the orb knows what board you are writing on; note that whichever board the orb is nearest is the board that players using OrbCam will see.
  6. When you want to move to a new board, simply move your player to the new board, stop running, and then wait a few moments for the orb (and the view of players using OrbCam) to join you at the new board. In the interim catch your breath - if you speak, audiences listening through the orb may be unable to hear you until it gets back within hearing range.
  7. When your talk is over, click the red and white “X” in the speaker GUI on the left-hand side of your screen to detach from the orb (this way the orb will not continue to follow you around).

If you feel uncomfortable managing the orb, please ask the session organiser if they can take care of it for you.


Here is the checklist we follow before metauni events:


Here is my checklist for recording: