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At metauni learning is centered on virtual blackboards that we call metaboards. While it is possible to have a productive experience writing on metaboards with a mouse, we recommend that you have access to a tablet with stylus if you are presenting. Another important piece of hardware is a microphone: we recommend that you do not rely on the built in microphone on your tablet or computer.


Tablets that plug into your computer via USB can be found for as little as AUD$50. Members of our community have successfully used the following products:

In some countries Roblox may not be available through the Store for your device, in which case you should go with the USB tablet plugged into your PC. The USB tablets may not have a built-in screen, but when you hover the pen above a graphics tablet, the mouse onscreen follows your pen.

What doesn’t work:


You can greatly enhance the experience of your audience by going the extra mile with microphone quality. This can take a talk from “good-enough/intelligible” to “pleasant to listen to for an hour or more”. The easiest improvement you can make is getting a USB microphone in your price range, and having it as close to your mouth as possible.

A cheaper microphone closer to your mouth will sound better than an expensive one sitting at the end of your desk. A shorter distance increases the volume ratio between your voice and the background noise, so the microphone can be at a lower sensitivity, which cuts the room noise (as opposed to high sensitivity when your speaking far away from the mic). This sensitivity is called “gain” and most USB mics will have a dial to adjust this. The exception to this distance rule is when the microphone is too tiny and becomes overpowered by your voice (and so distorts). This happens with earbud mics. For more detail on microphone positioning see this video.

The downside with microphones that stand on your desk is that they can be a bit inconvenient while writing on a tablet, because the best position for them will prevent you from putting the tablet in a comfortable writing position. The least obtrusive option would be a lavalier mic that clips onto your shirt. It will be nice and close to your mouth while you’re looking down and is completely out of the way. Another solution if you’re really keen on having a nice setup is getting a microphone boom stand that attaches to your desk, which holds your microphone up to your face, and you can easily position it or move it out of the way when you’re not using it.

Some mics that are recommended by our community: