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Welcome to metauni Algebraic Geometry (MAG). This is a series of online algebraic geometry classes taught at metauni, using Roblox for the 3D virtual environment and voice chat and Discord for community. The first course MAG1 ran from 16/6/2022-11/8/2022.

The who is a community of volunteers:

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Course content

There will be a two week pre-course

Each lecture will be 1.5hr. In the schedule below, S1.3 refers to Section 1.3 of CLO, (K) means Ken and (D) means Dan.

All videos can be found in the MAG playlist.

Exercise sessions

Mathematics is not a spectator sport: you learn by doing. Each week there will be assigned exercises, some marked Foundation and others marked Extension. You are expected to attempt all the Foundation exercises. There are three weekly 1hr exercise sessions:

You should join the main MAG venue for these sessions, where you will be working with other students at the virtual boards. Each week at least one of these sessions will be supervised by an experienced volunteer tutor (that session will be advertised on Discord). It is recommended you work on the problems outside of exercise sessions as well.

Problems are divided into Foundation Example (FE), Foundation Proof (FP), Extension Example (EE), Extension Proof (EP). Students are expected to attempt all foundation exercises. References are to CLO with x.y.z meaning Chapter x, Section y, Exercise z.


In a virtual world we can use the environment to communicate ideas, using code; we call these illustrations.



High school algebra plus a little bit of linear algebra (a basic familiarity with matrices). More precisely, you should have experience working with polynomials in small numbers of variables and low degree. You should know

You should also be comfortable with functions and terms like domain, codomain, image and preimage, injective, surjective, bijective, union, intersection and complement. If you want to brush up, here are some modules from Khan Academy that cover the necessary background:

For tablet and microphone recommends see the hardware page.


Registration is now open. Here is the registration process:

  1. Follow Steps 1 and 2 of the instructions to setup your Roblox and Discord accounts.
  2. Open the metauni Discord server and post in the #mag-registration channel with your Roblox username and how you want people to refer to you. This is mainly for your classmates, so you may wish to include a brief description of your interests and reasons for attending the class, and any links to personal webpages or Twitter accounts you want people to see. No pressure though, your Roblox username is enough (for administration purposes we need to know the connection between Discord accounts and Roblox usernames).
  3. Join the metauni Roblox group. This way we can give you permission to write on the blackboards throughout metauni.