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AI safety reading group

Weekly discussions of readings on technical and philosophical topics in AI safety.

AI Safety is the field trying to figure out how to stop AI systems from breaking the world, and in particular, trying to do so before they break the world. Readings will span from potential issues arising from future advanced AI systems, to technical topics in AI control, to present-day issues.

Seminar information:

Directions for joining discussions:

  1. New to metauni? Follow these instructions (part 2) to join the metauni Discord server, and introduce yourself in the channel #ai-safety.
  2. Metauni talks take place in Roblox using in-game voice chat. Follow these instructions (part 1) to create a Roblox account, complete “age verification” (unfortunately, this involves sharing ID with Roblox), and then enable Roblox “voice chat”.
  3. At the scheduled discussion time, launch the Roblox experience The Rising Sea and then step into matomatical’s portal (bottom-right corner of stack, see picture), or use the menu: “Pockets” > “Go to pocket” > type address “Gemini Pulsar 1”.


Completing weekly readings is recommended, but ultimately optional. The discussion sessions begin with a summary of the reading, lead by Matt (unless otherwise noted).

Upcoming readings and discussions:

Past readings and discussions:

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AI safety is political philosophy complete

Other topics

Sources of readings (clearly with much mutual overlap):