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Virtual Reality

One of the reasons we have chosen to build metauni on top of Roblox is the wide accessibility of that platform: it can be accessed on PC, Mac, iOS and Android and also using Virtual Reality (VR) headsets such as the Meta Quest 2. Current headsets have their limitations, but over time we believe that VR will become one of the main ways that people choose to access metauni. To this end, we are in the process of building virtual reality support into all of the metauni tools, such as metaboard and metaorb.

Why VR?

One of the reason that metauni events are more engaging than a Zoom lecture is the sense that the participants are sharing a 3D world. This sense is only heightened in VR. Here are some of the specific benefits we have noticed so far in our experiments:

We expect that VR will be adopted by speakers first, and later by audiences (as the technology becomes more affordable and convenient).

Some of the current drawbacks of VR:


So far members of our community have experience only with the Meta Quest 2 so this text will include specific references to Quest 2 hardware, but everything should work with other headsets (such as the Valve Index).

Currently VR for metaboard is in testing and is only available in the pocket Symbolic Wilds 1 (link for iOS and Windows) for those with Scribe permissions.