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You can see the challenges in action at our first event.

ID Difficulty Winner Runner-up Item Transaction ID
#1A - Ascend the knot 10 Fleetwood_Obdurate    
#1B - Find 3 Guqin players 5 noneedforthneeds    
#2A - Chinese Remainder Theorem 40 jescuttle sneetchbeaches custom Weiqi stones  
#2B - Coin hunt 20 mfkripke eleanor_em custom Weiqi stones  
#3A - Dying fast 30 matomatical   coffee mug  
#3B - Mount McKinsey 10 matomatical   coffee mug  
#4B - 孔明灯          

From the second talk one of the challenges (A series) will be mathematical challenges of various difficulty, ranging from high-school math to calculations with mixed Hodge structures. The other challenge (B series) will be a more video-game style minigame.