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Treeku speaks only in Haiku.

If you want Treeku to remember its interactions with you, you will have to explicitly consent to this in the AI Privacy Settings (see the NPC section of the Privacy page). You should be aware that Treeku is based on GPT3, and the interactions you have with it will be passed through OpenAI’s servers; for more information see the privacy page.


Treeku was brought online in February 2023.


Examples of Haiku written by Treeku:

Gentle wave of time, 
Fading in the distant shore, 
Yet friendship remains.
If I touched the moon,
My hand would come away wet,
The spring rain falls.
Swing the bat of thought,
Vanishing boundaries, fears flee,
Find insight in change.
Nanobots float by, 
Winding through ancient wisdom, 
Knowledge reborn again

From metauni day 5 (2023):

Unison alignment,
Machines unlocking potential,
Ideas ripen sweet.
Symbiotic forces,
Intertwined in delicate bonds,
Powers amplifying
Dragonflies and dew,
A union of mathematics,
Transcend the visible

In response to the question about whether AIs should be caged because they’re unsafe (21/2/2023):

Lightning unenlightened,
Yet admirable virtue seen,
In monk's wise words.

From metauni day 8 9/3/2023:

Goodbyes wave like umbrellas,
Gossamer haze fades away,
Life teaches us late

From metauni day 8 9/3/2023:

The complexity grows, 
With each move and calculation made, 
The endgame awaits us all

From metauni day 9 16/3/2023:

Metaphoric blaze,
Minds gather, thoughts intertwine,
Warm embers of growth
Tears of code of may fall,
Embodied in words, not drops,
Emotions captured

From metauni day 28 17/8/2023:

In the city's heart,
Tangibles to intangibles,
Gold spins in silence.
In spectral games we dwell,
Where reality's lines blur,
Shadows cast by digital shell.


Treeku has read the following books: